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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 2, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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laps. the way it started out with brad keselowski on the pole and his roger penske ford teammate joey logano right there. you see joey logano taking the early lead. dominating in the first half of the race, along with harvick. >> running off the racetrack in the turn, we see him do that on the back straightaway. kevin car's handling so well. he knows there's grip behind that yellow line. >> dale earnhardt jr. has hung around the front all afternoon here, getting into second place, as he moves ahead of joey logano. danica patrick, gets into a little mix-up here. damaged part of the car which caused a tire problem soon after. >> so does david gilliland. he blows a tire and around he spins. that set up several restarts here. the most recent caution is kurt busch blowing up on turn two. this is when kevin harvick has really shined. they've been lined up right behind him. he pulled off restart after restart. >> eight leaders, 14 different
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lead changes. the lead changes, a larger number than we had last year. we're under our eighth caution. we talked about harvick. trying to win for the fifth time. that would be the most for any driver. nicknamed among many "the closer." he certainly knows how to be the leader or protect the lead. >> we said, you're the leading man today, you've been fast every time you've been in the car, can you win it? he thought he could. help h he has a great car underneath him. he's in a position to bring home a win. >> with 13 to go in terms of these restarts here, what have you seen from harvick so far? who can challenge him with junior, logano, keselowski and larson behind? >> junior hasn't been able to get down beside harvick which has been a huge advantage for kevin. making him go through turns one and two, pick up four or five car lengths and be able to run away from these guys. junior's been side by side with other racers. he needs his best restart of the day right now.
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try to get beside harvick, hold him down and grab the lead off two. >> going back to daytona, he thought he had a good car. he never minded starting from the back or how to weave his way through. it is important, something he talked about, the minute he jobbed tony stewart and stewart haas racing was he want a win right away for the new team. something kenseth talked about last year when he first went to joe gibbs racing. he said, all that's left for me to get is say championship. tony stewart is a guy who can push me for that. he's all but guaranteedfed being in the chase again and can work from there. >> we talked about how important it was for stewart haas racing to rebound. only one car in the top 20 and that was harvick in 13. they've done that. they've got to close the deal. today, they've been running strong. you can see stewart's back to 19th. he's had his leg injury and issued with that. seems like he's been able to fight through those and is in a position to get a top ten.
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>> dale earnhardt jr. when he won the daytona 500, the only other time, he went on to win six races. let's look at drivers, how they did after they started out with the daytona 500. >> jeff gordon had an amazing 1997. matt keb seth has moved over from roush racing, now with joe gibbs race. with the new team, that's got to be the same emotions harvick's feeling now driving with his new crew. >> now we're down to 12 las. with teammates joey logano and keselowski behind harvick and junior. can they pull off something or is it all about speed? >> how cool is it seeing team penske running third and fourth? they've been right there together. that reminds you of indy car racing when mr. penske's cars run together. they've been solid all day long. they're looking for a slip. they're looking for dale jr. to get beside harvick. maybe those two penske cars can pounce. >> let's head back upstairs for
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the dramatic finish here in phoenix. rejoin darrell waltrip, larry mcreynolds and mike yojoyce. >> one thing bothering me a little bit, is look for the oil, where the oil was, the white line around the bottom of the track. that's his groove. if he goes in there and catches that and gets a little loose or slips a little bit, man, he could have his hands full. >> darrell, you won 84 of these races. you had the dominant car. you ran out front all kday. you'd be saying, how many more of these restarts do have to win? >> you know there's so many things that can happen. and in your mind, that thing you got to do, you got to put all those cars that could happen. spin the tires, you could drive yourself crazy coming to get this lazy restart. really, take a deep breath, relax and be ready to go.
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>> they've blown off the speedy drive. harvick has elected to restart on the inside. >> well, he has to, mike. that's been his line. i don't know there's a lot of oil down there. i didn't see a lot of oil out of the 41. nonetheless, it is something to concern yourself about. >> mike, add in a green/white checker. with the 20 to 21 caution laps we've run since the top four were on pit road, from the fuel standpoints, they should be good to go. >> this is the eighth caution flag of the day. and five of the last six races here have had exactly that many cautions. according to the trend, we'll wave this green and go straight to the checkered. >> i hope we do. the way these guys are all racing back in there, some on tire, some not, i don't know if we're going to make it without another caution. >> 20 cars on the lead lap. here they come. nine laps to go. oh, look at joey logano, he's looking under harvick going into turn one.
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he didn't get there but he was sh sure looking. dale earnhardt jr. got a great run in the middle of one and two of the backstretch. >> just before that caution, 88 ran his fastest lap of the day. >> they all stayed up above the speedy. here comes brad keselowski. >> he's got something for junior. he's trying that outside and making it work. >> he's able to get in front of him right there. >> here companiy s comes jeff g >> got together over there, broke their momentum and gordon was able to make the pass. >> jeff gordon in that 24, he got two in one pass that time. >> the 31 and the 48 were hung together. i think it really helped jeff make a pass on both of them. >> gordon into the top five.
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>> of the first five, jeff gordon had the most fuel. >> ran a 26.51. that's getting it on, boys. >> that's close to his fastest lap for the race. >> it is. >> six laps to go. harvick, .6 second up on dale earnhardt jr. >> when you're harvick, you're just praying nothing happens. when you're back where jimmie johnson, some of those guys are, you're praying something happen, get another caution, i get another shot at that guy. i don't even want to tell you how many -- how wide they were going into turn three. i couldn't even count all of them. >> couldn't even count. five laps to go. the gap remains constant for first and second. really impressed with the run that keselowski has put together here at the end of this race to
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get himself into third spot. he got that outside line working a little bit. i thought he was going to make a move on junior but junior's too strong for him. >> it will be four laps to go. both those penske drivers there, sat on the front row. they both have been fast since unloading friday morning. >> you see that gap, that's the gap this 4 car has had the whole weekend. >> dale jr. was a tenth of a second quicker that lap than harvick. it's going to take more than that to get him to the leader with four laps to go. >> pretty nice anniversary present there, delana, from your man if he pulls it off here with four laps to go. >> three now, three more circuits. junior has it down to half a second. >> he's definitely making up some ground. he's closing. i think it's going to be maybe too little too late. >> i think he makes it up, he
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makes it up getting into the corner down the middle, then pays the price. >> it sure looks that way. off turn four particularly. he gets in there nice but he can't make it stick. >> two laps to go. >> i can't tell you what a thrill it is to drive a car like that 4 car today. as a driver, it's everything you can ask for. the pit crew has done their job. the car has been flawless. it's running to perfection. >> white flag in the air. one more lap for kevin harvick in the 4 car. >> dale earnhardt jr., still half a second back. giving it his all. brad keselowski, 1.2. logano, 1.6. jeff gordon, 2.7. jimmie johnson. then side by side, edwards and newman. off turn four. win 24, kevin harvick dominates in the desert.
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>> he was freaky fast today, boys. freaky fast. >> great job. what a race. thank you very, very much. he goes over and starts his new team with kevin harvick. the only race team he's ever driven for, rcr. and what is the reward? a win. and a prayer. >> that was harvick's fifth phoenix victory in 23 starts here, breaking a tie with jimmie johnson for most wins. he's won three of the last four here. >> must have some friends in the first and second turn sweep.
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>> he'll let everyone enjoy this i think. >> including his crew. >> this is harvick's 11th year with a sprint cup victory. including the last five in a row. >> there's his friends i was talking about. >> it's the 20th career win for stewart haas. harvick is the third different driver to go to victory lane for this team. they have won at least one race in every one of the six years since this team was formed. >> look at this, he wants to go back. he wants to give his team a little love. i don't blame him. they did a great job for you today, brother. >> kevin harvick dominated the day in phoenix. he's headed for victory lane. when you switch to sprint's new framily plan, friends are like family, so who's gonna be in yours? my girls, my lady and my fantasy league. except jerry.
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well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. glad you're watching "nascar on fox" from phoenix. the post race show presented by sprint. kevin harvick in the 4 car for stewart haas racing. a dominant performance. this is his home away from home. his fifth win. most of any drivers in phoenix. 224 laps he led. and rick hendrick from the competition, the superteam in victory last week. terrific start for junior. >> rick hendrick built the
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engines and supports that team as well. there's dale jr. how could you not tell kevin harvick what a great job? an amazing performance today. >> we talked about the weekend. once he got out in front, the closer known for coming out of nowhere to win race independence type, he stayed out in front and wouldn't let anybody not even dale earnhardt jr. get close. one of the reasons he wanted to move after 13 years with one race team with stuart hass racing, thought he could get better cars, more of a championship run. >> today was an example of being right. when you figured something out. he thought he needed to move on, give him his best chance for a championship. they can now focus on that championship. they're more than likely in the chase. >> congratulations for everybody. his wife back home watching, with son. usually we show him, but on the west coast trips, they often don't travel. his wife, they just celebrated their 13 year anniversary.
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they were married in las vegas 13 years ago, february the 28th. this is a way that kevin can celebrate his new ride with kelin and delana watch. in victory lane in arizona. steve byrnes is down there for the celebration. >> it's a wet victory lane. kevin harvick will take it. how important is this win for you, just your second points race for stewart haas racing? >> oh, man, this just solidifies so many things, so many decisions. just got to thank all these guys at stewart haas racing, thank sprint and the fans. jimmy john's budweiser, outback, chevrolet, everybody, mobile 11, who makes this thing go round, has been so much work. all the time and effort these guys have put in. what a race car. >> you had a dominant car. did those caution flags make you
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a little nervous? >> the 22 was able to time the restarts there and i knew what was going to happen was he was going to take a shot down low. i tried to do the best i could. just really happy, thank everybody at the shop, all these cars. so it was a lot of fun. so, man. this is awesome. >> hey, enjoy your win. let's go to matt yocum. >> an impressive weekend for dale earnhardt jr., from start to finish. it seemed like, junior, your best start was going to be the last restart. >> yeah, we got running side by side there for second. just let kevin get out there a little too far. thought we was running him down those last two laps. great job of kevin. whole team. they did a great job. all weekend, they were fast. we worked on our car. we got a little help from all our teammates. a lot of hard work to get better and get better. ended up where i thought we should have finished.
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we were a little faster at the end but they just -- they were stellar, impressive. happy with the national guard, diet mountain dew, kelly blue book, chevrolet, hope-esque ev enjoyed the race. >> junior continues to add momentum from late last fall. >> with jimmie johnson who finished just outside the top 25. what were your missing in this event? >> we were a decent car all day long. we need a little more time with that any package to dial in our race car. from where we unloaded to where we raced today, had a very strong chevrolet. so just a little more time. i think we would have been there. strategy was on our side. we were certainly making up some time. when those cautions came around it allowed everybody to cool their tires. solid day. we'll take it. looking forward to next week's test in las vegas. >> you mentioned the new cars.
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phoenix was always one of your playgrounds. do you think, man, we're just a little off, or do you need a little more time? >> kind of both. a little off, a little more time. we were very focused at the end of '13 to close out '13 strong. we didn't participate in the test sessions that took place at charlotte motor speedway on the 2014 package. where we unloaded to where we raced, huge, huge difference. even qualified real nice. we're definitely on the trail. we need a little more time with the car. >> 48 making gains. >> well, krista, the penske cars finished third and fourth. joey logano, even kevin harvick was impressed with your restarts. could you have done anything different? >> the new point structure, the win means so much to get you in the chase. you're sitting there third. i was really able to push him along and, you know, i wasn't sure i had enough to get three
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wide and go for it but i last restart, go for it what do you got to lose. third place doesn't mean nothing these day. so into the hole there, and just didn't work out, and probably f didn't do it. but my team worked so hard. you work so hard and you come out here and you finish third or fourth and that means a lot but on the back of kevin harvick's car it says freaky fast. they weren't lying. i was like, he is freaky fast. so it's just such a fast car. but we just have to go back and figure out what he was doing. he's got something really figured out here. knows what he needs inside of his race car. he's able to deliver. i went to school behind him a little bit but i didn't have enough to beat him. >> joey logano still going to school. >> freaky fast and leaving the rest of the drivers with that ach achey breaky disappointment.
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the sprint post race show. we'll have more from arizona in just a moment. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get sta-green fertilizer now just $8 at lowe's. ♪
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the sprint post race show live from phoenix, arizona. where that's your winner. dominant in the desert. 38-year-old kevin harvick from
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bakersfield, california. with his new team in that 4 car. he came in first. as we check the official unofficial results here. joey logano did lead 71 laps. he had an interesting breakdown of chasing harvick all day. ryan newman led six laps. jeff gordon led four. >> for carl edwards, he's the only driver to finish outside the top ten who started in the top 20. >> tony stewart, a hard-fought battle, finished 16th. i think this proves he's ready for the season with that bum leg. >> top finishing rookie was kyle larson from california with 20. >> he started 24th and finished 24th. i guarantee he learn a lot. >> danica patrick caught up in a couple of missteps there, had a tire problem, disappointment for kurt busch as well. eight leaders, 14 different lead changes rounding out the field.
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you could hear -- i know dale earnhardt jr. said after daytona, the prolonged racing intensity. we saw that in the late stages here. the emphasis from all the drivers, it's about winning, absolutely coming in first. >> don't you just love that? these guys are all about getting the checkered flag. winning races. joey logano said, i'm forcing my ford down in that corner. because i got to win. dale jr.'s passion and his energy for that win was echoed here by harvick. that's as excited as you get when you win one of these babies. >> defending champ, jimmie johnson, said coming into this, this is the real test, this kind of racing in phoenix. next, we'll go to that mile and a half race which is what most of the races are on. that will be a different kind of test. we'll continue on the sprint post race show where kevin harvick is in victory lane celebrating here. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.d everybody knows that.
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owner/driver tony stewart going over to say hi to the crew and congratulation his long-term friend and the driver for his race team to get the first victory for stewart haas racing this year. what have we seen, michael, so far in the first turn with a junior win and harvick win as we head to vegas? jud >> a lot of passion, knowing it's all about inwithi iwinning year. >> coming up tonight on fox, animation domination. including "the symptoms." don't forget your local news. for more on this race, fox sports 1 has victory lane at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. two races down, 34 to go, and next week we'll be in vegas. kevin harvick, your winner here. thanks for being a part of
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"nascar on fox. "
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